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Kimberley Wiggins has a passion and drive to not only help her clients take massive action but to lift the spirits of the audience she engages as well.  She focuses on hitting the audience with what they need right when they need it to engage them, entertain them and empower them.

All of her speech topics focus on sharing with her audience how to lead life from a place of confidence with a focused drive for success building.  Many people are unsure how to move forward and often devalue themselves because of the various unknowns blocking their journey. 

Kimberley connects with audiences in a way that helps to reflect on what those unknowns are and begin to make headway towards resolving them.

I am Kimberley Wiggins and I am a Champion for Working Women who want to live their best and most important life as defined by them.  It's about empowering them to lead confidently and effectively.

Standing up for myself as a leader has created unimaginable opportunities for my life and my business.

As a former Corporate Manager, I understand the dynamics behind where you are and where you would like to be. I specialize in helping women to uncover their purpose, embrace their passions and lead from an empowering place so that they can have the Amazing Lives of their dreams. 


Stand Up and Shout Out Your One Message To The World

If you had the opportunity to stand on a stage that was comprised of the entire world, what would you say?  What would be your one message to the entire world?  Your one message is the thing that is your stand for who you are and what you believe in.  It is the message that you were born to talk about and will die to defend.  What is the message for you?  Let’s explore the 5 shifts you can make to uncover that message and be ready to shout it out to the world.

Be Your Best You: 7 Ways to Flaunt Your Style, Strut Your Stuff and Lead With Confidence

You have moxie and you have plenty of it. It’s time for you show it.  You have honed your gifts and created a new you that is bold, strong and full of Brassy Power. So now we are ready to impact the world in a big way.  So how can you be more visible to the world?  It is your time to shine and I will tell you how in 7 simple ways. Let’s rock this!

Traveling the Road to Resiliency: Learning How to Bend But Not Break

When faced with adversity, how do you measure up?  Do you realize it for what it is worth and correct it or do you fall apart without feeling that you have the ability to recover? Resilient people are overcomers and learn how to adjust and correct to keep moving forward.  Let me share 5 powerful ways to make sure that you are building your “resiliency muscle” so no matter what life throws your way you are moving forward and taking massive action.

Let’s Have A Pity Party! So We Can Get To The Good Stuff

Let’s have a party…..yippee!  It is a pity party.  Oh no, not so good. What's that about?

If you find yourself always wanting to be the victim and blaming others for your life circumstances, then let’s learn how to break that habit.  Being a victim is disempowering and not leading from a place of responsibility and no one wants to be a part of that.  Let’s talk about 5 ways that we can move from victim to victor and never have to throw a pity party ever again.

Leap to Freedom:  Where Will You Land?

We all pretend that we have never taken a chance on anything risky in our lives before. What a bunch of nonsense!  When was the last time you fell in love?  That was nothing more than a leap of faith that you believed would get you to the freedom for love that you desired.  So why not do that same kind of leap every time you want to make magical things happen in your life?  Want to start a new business – leap!  Want to travel the world – leap! Want to become a manager at your company – leap! Want to start a family – leap! What is stopping you from taking a chance on the freedoms in your life?  Let’s explore those and identify ways to leap and know where you will land so we can remove the fear around risk taking.

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She will surely inspire your audience to take the massive action they need to make major leaps and transitions in their lives to attain the freedom they want and need.  She will expand their dreams and show them how to build what they desire one leap at a time.

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