How Long Have You Been Saying That You Want To Start A Podcast?

Don't end the year full of the same excuses about why you haven't started.

2020 is almost here and it's your year to get it done!

You Know You Have A Message And You Are Dying To Share It.

You know that what you do is pretty amazing, eh?  So kudos to you for all the amazing work you do to make an impact.  But you want greater impact, don't you?

I Know You Are Thinking "there's so many details, how will I figure it all out?"

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Podcasting Made Easy

Can you imagine what it would be like having your message reach hundreds, even thousands, more people who are just waiting to hear your message?

What would that do for your impact and your business?

How much closer would get to reaching your goals?

I'm Kim Wiggins and I started my own podcast and have produced over 60 episodes and guess what?  I absolutely LOVE IT!  I never dreamed that having a podcast would bring me so much joy in my life and business and I have made connections with some of the coolest and sharpest women on the planet.

My podcast has helped to change the way I see my business and the growth of my business. 

Everything I have learned came from being in the trenches and working on my own podcast to find out what works and what doesn't.  I would love to share with you what it takes to start a successful podcast and how to balance your time to make it fun.

Business Coach Kim Wiggins

I Will Walk You Through The Process

It can be really difficult trying to figure out what to do with such a massive jungle of information.  Sometimes what you need is a guide to help navigate you through it all.  So here I am!

Podcasting Made Easy is meant for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact but have no idea of how to start.  I have the expertise to walk you through the process and help you through it so you aren't having any sleepless nights and you are resting easy.

What Would It Take To Get Started?

I'm offering you the opportunity to kick off 2020 like never before by having your podcast up and running to share your voice.

If you're ready to act on your dreams and work with me - I stand ready to provide you with the kind of support you need to launch your podcast and get your message out there.

Here Is How We Get It Done:

 Podcast Strategy Call for Clarity

You will get a full 60 minute session with me where we walk through the creation of your podcast and outline launch specifications and dates so you will have a day by day timeline of what you need to do.

Trello Board For Guidance

You will have access to all of my checklist and templates that walk you through the process step by step on how to set everything up and be ready to record your first episode and then launch.

Podcast Guest & Editing

You will have access to communicate with me through email if you need help finding your first few podcast guests and I will  edit your first show (this alone is an amazing value, editing starts at $125 per hour).

Preparation for Launch Day

You will get one final 30 minue follow up call with me to answer any questions you need prior to your launch.  In between the first call and your last one, you will have access to me via email or Voxer.

Your Message Is Pretty Darn Important, Agree?

Well we just need to figure out how to get it out there in a bigger way. You have been dreaming about this for quite some time.

We Need To Move From Dreaming To Doing

Having a podcast helps you to not only make an impact on your audience but also to make an impact on your business.  Are you ready to move?

Are You Ready To Share Your Voice? 

"Podcasting Made Easy" 

Investment In Your Awesomeness:


Need a payment plan?  Ask me!

Already have a podcast but just need some podcast management services (podcast production, editing, show management)?  Email me at for details on those services.

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