Your 9-5 job is unfulfilling, but business isn't where you want it to be?

Well, Let's Do Something About That!

       Introducing The
"Let's Just Get It Done Mastermind"
A 90 Day Small Group Mastermind For Six Inspired Women

There Is Strength In Numbers!

Together we will stand in our power. Being a powerful member of this mastermind group will provide a source of support, growth and creativity. 

The mastermind keeps us inspired by sharing our struggles, obstacles, success and joys.  We will be able to learn from each other and share in our mistakes and accomplishments.

I Am Kim Wiggins

Women Who Want An Amazing Life Inspire Me!

Kim Wiggins Coaching

I know how difficult it is to get focused and stay there. I am dedicated to working with women who want to get their head in the game and get stuff done. I help them banish distractions and take massive action that yields results on money making activities.  I know how powerful it is to have someone by your side to assist.

I've been where you are. 

I've sat down to work on my business and ended up sidetracked by email and social media notifications. Then my best friend wants to call and chat to tell me about a problem she is having.  After the day job I was often too tired to be motivated to get anything done and besides it feels better to just sit here and watch my favorite TV show. Any of these sound familiar to you?

We'll Keep Each Other Focused!

This is accountability and masterminding amped up by 200% for maximum focus and maximum results.

Our group will meet via Zoom every week to talk about your challenges and get daily feedback. I am personally on each session, calling you out on your stuff and making sure we are moving to the same groove - forward and focused. We track successes and use them to motivate everyone and keep focused!

Every week, every woman gets 10 minutes of focused time to discuss accomplishments and share plans for moving forward. It is an opportunity to speak to obstacles so that we can overcome them.  

Whatever Your Goal - That's Our Focus!

It doesn't matter WHAT your next big goal is, we'll spend your time on YOUR GOAL, supporting you in creating what you need most.

The beauty of a mastermind is that YOUR GOAL is #1.

Here Is How We Will Get It Done:

We will start the 90 days off strong by focusing the first couple of weeks on getting our calendar and planning down to a science before tackling our tasks and executing.  This will get you prepped and ready with a focused mindset and solid planning basics for all the masterminding we will do.  It may serve to help you ditch the excuses and be just the thing you need to get your head fully in the game and moving your business forward.

Kick Start Call With Kimberley

Week One, you start with a one on one private call with me. We'll take a look at what has you stuck and what needs your full attention to move you forward. We address the needs upfront.

Weekly Virtual Meetings To Mastermind

We will meet once a week every week for 12 weeks to work together to plan your schedule and execute on your ideas.  Every person will get a 10 minute spotlight on their business of individual time.

Let's Just Get It Done Planner

I designed the planner just for this group so that you are planning and executing for maximum results every day. Tracking keeps us focused!

It's time to be 
Inspired, Focused
and Intentional.

Inspiration + Focus = Intentional Action

What Does It Take To Take To Be Inspired, Focused and Intentional?

If you're ready to stand firm in your power and be bold, brave and courageous enough to raise your hand and say "I am tired of doing this alone" - I would love to work with you to get you the results you seek. This is your opportunity to join a community of women entrepreneurs that are intentional, focused and inspired!

What clients are saying:

I was so unsure of how to continue with my business.  I knew what I wanted to do but not sure how to do it.  Coaching was new to me and having sessions with Kim helped me determine exactly what I wanted to do to get my business moving along.

Frankie Croker

Frankie Croker

Etsy Coach

Working with Kim gave me some real structure in my business.  I knew that it was her accountability and  her methods of keeping me on task that really helped. She kicked my butt at every turn to help me reach my goals.  I love working with her.

Marilyn Mills

Business Owner

About Our Schedule:

Our Mastermind will be meeting weekly in the evening

(We will meet on Mondays at 7pm Eastern)

The Let's Just Get It Done Mastermind

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I Look forward to seeing you
crushing your goals!

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