Build Authority & Influence With Your Powerful Podcast

This is everything that you created your podcast for! 

So what's the issue?

You Know Your Message Is The Cat's Pajamas But.....Let's Be Honest

You Are Not Quite Seeing The Results You Want From Your Podcast

Let me guess, when it comes to your podcast here is how you are feeling:

You started this business because you wanted to make an impact and change lives, but it feels like the only people you are impacting is your mom, and your neighbor Julie.

You want to shout your message from the rooftop so that you can help the people who need you most, but it feels like your constantly fighting to have your message heard!

You are frustrated with doing all the things, trying to hack the social media algorithms, and posting in all the places to get your message out there, but it feels like you still aren’t making the kind of connections you dreamt of!

And let’s not get started on content. Between the posts, the podcasts and everything in between, if feels like you are constantly running out of ideas for how to create more content that actually gets people to slow down and listen!

You are ready to finally be known and recognized as a leader for the work you do on a whole new level!

I Know You Want Influence and Impact And I Can Help Get You There!

And it's now on Early Bird Pricing - $200 off until July 8th.

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From Podcasting To Profit

Can you imagine what it would be like having your message reach hundreds, even thousands, more people who are just waiting to hear your message?

What would that do for your impact and your business?

How much closer would get to reaching your goals?

I'm Kim Wiggins and when I started my podcast I had no idea that it would make such an impact on my business and impact so many lives.   I never dreamed that having a podcast would bring me so much joy or I would make the kind of connections that increased my influence and my business.

My podcast has helped to change the way I see my business and the growth of my influence. 

Everything I have learned came from being in the trenches and working on my own podcast to find out what worked to grow my leadership.  I would love to share with you what it takes to up level the success of your podcast and how to balance your time to make it fun.

Let's Change Your Reality

How would it feel like if your "Made Just For You" clients are coming looking for you and your awesomeness because they know the value you offer your clients?

What if your calendar was consistently booked out simply from your being able to consistently show up and be visible with your message?

What would it be like to be able to take the same amazing content from your podcast and be able to repurpose it in a way that would save you massive amounts of time but be able to put you out there everywhere?

Wouldn't it be amazing to have your friends and clients say to you "Girl, every time I turn around I see you.  It's like your everywhere!"  Feeling the excitement of knowing that your decision to take control of the direction of your podcast was one of the smartest decisions you have made.


Imagine your clients sharing your unique value to other potential clients based on the impact from your podcast. Telling their friends how much smart and knowledgeable you were in solving their problems.

Let's Get Started with.......

From Podcasting To Profit Group Program

I'm offering you the opportunity to work with me in a small group to get your podcast moving from mediocre to MARVELOUS! Come work with me for 8 weeks to get your podcast message out in the world with a biggger BOOM and grow your influence!

If you're ready to elevate your message, elevate your visibility and elevate your leadership, then allow me to support you in a way that will change the way you see your podcast and it's ability to grow your business.

Your podcast is not some side project that you are doing for fun.  It is a viable means for you to generate more clients and more content in less time.

Here Is How We Get It Done:


We do an in-depth assessment of your show where we check in about your feelings & thoughts for your podcast and your audience.  We focus sharply on this so we can get you clear and honed in on what your ideal show looks like. 


Here we work on increasing your visibility and your authority that allows you to wow your audience and grow your show.  We get you and your podcast showing up everywhere by amplifying your guest podcasting and guest invites along with your social media.


We review your stats and rankings with a fine  tooth comb to take advantage of all opportunities so your message is BOOMing across several channels via rankings and placement.  We develop a strategy for colloboration and partnerships that generate income.


This final stage takes it to a place where we are being smart and strategic about the content we produce so we are creating content once and repurposing it in a way that allows you to continue to grow and monetize  your podcast.

Your Message Is Pretty Darn Important, Agree?

Well we just need to figure out how to get it out there in a bigger way. You have been dreaming about this for quite some time.

We Need To Move From Wishing & Wanting To Making It Happen

Growing your podcast not only helps you to make an impact on your audience but also to make an impact on your business.  Are you ready to move?

From Podcasting To Profit


4 weeks of group video course/calls and 4 weeks of strategy implementation.

  • Training video each week with action items to get you moving on your plan, no time to waste.
  • 4 Training calls every other week for us to plan and discuss strategy so you know what to do and are not stuck.
  • 4 Strategy implementantion weeks so you can spend time taking action and implementing what we have discussed.
  • FB group to build connections and share ideas with other podcasters
  • 30 minute appointment calls during the implementation weeks for personalized time to work through your strategy in more details and get your questions answered.


  • Content Strategy Training - Guest Expert
  • Branding Training - Guest Expert
  • SEO Training - Guest Expert


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