Are You Sick & Tired Of
Making Plans That Never Get Finished?

When You Look Back And See So Many Unfinished Projects, Do You Wonder If The Future Will Be Any Different?

Newsflash: Same Actions Will Get Same Results

Before you start beating yourself up, hold on to this thought: There are a whole lot of people who never get off their butt and start taking action on their dreams - so the fact that you DO is pretty awesome.

Entrepreneurial Women Are Pretty Awesome!

We just have to get as good at FINISHING as we are at STARTING, amen?

We Need To Be Great At ALL The Steps:


Give Birth To Ideas

This is where we already rock. We have ideas. Ideas come to us from just about everywhere.


Take Action On Ideas

This is where we struggle. We aren't making the time to get all the things done, we're getting stuck on tech and other tough roadblocks.


See Results From Ideas

This is what we never get to see until we concur the action steps.

Are You Ready To 
Make Taking Action The Priority?

What if you could spend 10 awesomely productive hours on the most important project on your plate right now? 

What would that make possible?  

How much closer would you be to quitting the day job?

I'm Kim Wiggins and I know how difficult it is to get and stay focused. I am dedicated to working with women who want to get their head in the game and get stuff done but struggle with it.  I used to be one of those women so I know first hand.  I now work with women to help them banish distractions and take massive action that yields results on money making activities

Distractions, distractions, distractions, they are everywhere!

I sit down to work on something and I have email and social media notifications going off on my computer. And then my best friend wants to call and chat to tell me about a problem she is having.  Or when I get off from the day job, I am too tired to be motivated enough to get anything done and besides it feels better to just sit here and watch my favorite TV show. 

Business Coach Kim Wiggins

What clients are saying:

I was so unsure of how to continue with my business.  I knew what I wanted to do but not sure how to do it.  Coaching was new to me and having sessions with Kim helped me determine exactly what I wanted to do to get my business moving along.

Frankie Croker

Frankie Croker

Etsy Coach

Working with Kim gave me some real structure in my business.  I knew that it was her accountability and  her methods of keeping me on task that really helped. She kicked my butt at every turn to help me reach my goals.  I love working with her.

Marilyn Mills

Business Owner

What We All Really Need Is

The best day to get anything done on your business is TODAY - yet life doesn't play fair with our goals and it is so easy to procrastinate and continue falling for the big lie that you'll find time to do it TOMORROW.

That's why I've created the 30 Day Dash of Radical Accountability that focuses on 10 hours of dedicated implementation in one calendar month.

What Does It Take To Move From
Starter To Finisher?

I'm offering the opportunity to finish off the year like never before so you can look back and finally see the results you want.  Not another year of regret!

If you're willing to devote yourself to 10 hours of nose to the grindstone, laser beam focused, butt kicking action to your business dreams - I stand ready to provide you with the kind of radical support that will make all the difference.

Here Is What We Will Do:

Get Support In Picking A Project

We start out with a one on one private call to see what is on your plate. We'll take a look at your most pressing goals and identify the project that deserves your undivided attention.

Dedicate 10 Hours Of Focused Action

Your Rise & Grind Commitment includes blocking out 10 hours on the calendar to focus action on the project we've chosen for you. I will help you to block that time out.

Faithfully Report In On Progress

You are held accountable to check in and report progress via Trello and Voxer. This is also your chance to ask questions and get help over any trouble spots.

Celebrate The Outcome

On Day 30, we will party like the rock star you are!  You will be sharing your results as you move along in the FB Group to celebrate your forward motion & look at what it has made possible.

How Will I Hold You Accountable?

You bet ya!  This is not your run of the mill accountability program.  I fully get it that you need 1:1 accountability to feel the push to get your project completed.  I got you! So here is how it works.  

We will set up a Trello board for you to plan out your tasks and then block out time on your calendar to commit to them.  We will use the Trello Board track your progress and Voxer communication to check in for accountability. I will also check in on you weekly via Voxer or Email and you will be able to "have it your way" and ramp up our communication or tell me to back off.   Via Trello or Voxer, you can ask any questions you may have or we can review any trouble spots. Also we will all be in a Facebook group where we can support, encourage and collaborate as we get our work done. You can ask any questions in the Facebook group as well.

And I may slip in an Open Office Hour Day or two during the month where we can all jump on Zoom for a couple hours and work together.  It will be a fun but productive time for us to be focused working on our projects together.

I Invite You To Rise & Grind With Me!

  • Choose your own 30 day window of time.
  • You'll have a private consultation with me, kicking things off and setting the big goal.
  • We'll set up a shared Trello Board to track every step of your project. (Use the board to ask questions and get feedback.)  We will also block out at least 10 hours on your calendar.
  • I'm going cheer you on via Voxer voice messages every week!
  • We'll have a wrap up celebration call on the 30th day. (Party time!)
  • Watch your mailbox for a fun reward.

Total Investment: $497.00 

30 Day Dash program will be continually offered for 30 days in length at your flexibility.  You get to chose your start date.  Every round is another invitation to get focused and implement like crazy!  

When you show up 100% to the 30 Day Dash Program, I'm going to reward you with special pricing for my "Action Takers" with the next round of radical accountability and accomplishment.  Ask me for the details.

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